Board Members

Morris Reisin - Chairman

Morris Reisin was born and raised in Calexico California. He comes from a pioneer family. He established Sports International in 1979 and has been successful ever since. He is a member of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce. He is involved in numerous community activities and functions. Always willing to help.
Having been born in Calexico he is familiar with the basic elements and the resources that are necessary to improve the Downtown and Imperial Avenue areas. 


Cristina Rocha - Vice Chairman

Mrs. Rocha is a resident of the City of Calexico. As a business owner for the past 25 years and board member of the Business Improvement District, Mrs. Rocha provides direction and assistance to those businesses within the City of Calexico. At the age of 14, she began working in a governmental office in Mexico and thus began her career.

Mrs. Rocha is a strong, energetic and determined business woman who strives to present opportunities for others. One of her pet projects is promoting changes to the design of the new port of entry in enabling its accessibility to the City of Calexico’s downtown. Also, instrumental in advocating for the revitalization of the Adrian Cordova Memorial Park. Mrs. Rocha’s hobbies are walking on the beach and the theatre.

Eduardo Lopez

I have had a business in Downtown Calexico for over twenty years.
As well as being on the CBID I am also on the planning commission and on the board of directors for the Calexico Chamber.

I believe we need we need to work together in order to improve our business district and thus improve our quality of life in our unique city of Calexico.

We need to take advantage of our biggest asset and that is our neighbor to the south Mexicali B.C. with a population of over a million people. We need to work together in order to make Calexico destination spot by offering more options and making it a pleasant place to come and spend the day.

I look forward to working with the rest of the board and the community in order to make this a reality.

Mark Holloway

Mark Holloway has been a lifelong Calexico resident. He grew up on the sales floor of the Sam Ellis Department store where his grandfather, the patron, Sam Ellis, as well as his uncles, aunt and mother also worked. He was educated in Mexicali B. C. Mexico, garnering an understanding of the unique bond we share with our sister city to the south. Mr. Holloway finished his studies at Arizona State University with a BS in Business Administration.
After his graduation in 1979, Mr. Holloway began working as an assistant buyer in the men’s department of a large family owned department store in Tucson, AZ. After the business was sold to a regional chain, he continued there as a department manager for several years. He returned to Calexico in 1987 to begin his career in earnest working at the family business. Mr. Holloway currently holds the title of General Manager and CFO of Sam Ellis Store Inc.
Mr. Holloway is past president of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce and the Noontimer Lions. He is an avid road cyclist and actively involved with the Imperial Valley Velo Club. Mr. Holloway is married to wife, Ellie and has three children.